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There’s a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly construction and heating, which means that trees can now provide a sustainable supply of wood for both construction and fuel.

As far as low-carbon living goes, wood burners are a smart choice as part of the heating system in a well-insulated, open plan scheme.

Building with a combustible material means extra care must be taken in the installation of stoves and fireplaces to prevent fire risks and ensure efficiency. There are a number of energy efficient products from Schiedel that have been developed to address these challenges.

Safety first

There’s a potential fire risk in timber buildings, when external heat is passed from the flue to the wooden structure. Schiedel’s Award Winning Ignis Protect system is specifically designed for air-tight and energy efficient timber framed buildings. With versions designed for both exterior and interior walls, the system allow connecting flue pipes to be passed through timber.

Improved efficiency

Using highly insulated flues,, such as our Isokern range, prevents heat loss. Double modular flues should be used internally and further efficiency can be enhanced using the latest building materials. Isokern is made from pumice, which has excellent insulation properties. It’s also exceptionally easy to install due to its modular format.

To avoid air leakage, Schiedel’s Swift Air Chimney pulls combustion air from outside, so that there are no drafts in the room. A great example comes from County Kildare where a new build scheme used the Schiedel Swift Chimney System to add flexibility to the heating requirements of each home – click here.

Other options include the Schiedel Protect Box, which provides a safe and secure solution when installing a stainless steel System Chimney through an air tight house. The system’s steel chimney is designed to pass safely through floors and roofs, without compromising efficiency. Rockwool insulation keeps everything cool – the ideal option for energy efficient dwellings.

Wood fuel facts

The latest stoves cannot be efficient without the right fuel – poor fuel also affects product warranties and will cause a negative environmental impact, as well as producing more smoke and soot, and ultimately, less heat. We have a separate article which gives guidance on using the correct fuel – click here.

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