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29th Oct 2014 - Pedestrianisation & Street Furniture

John Brash & Co Ltd

JB CitiDeck improves historical lake access at Wicksteed Park

The £2million renovation of Wicksteed Park has brought the park back to the original vision of its founder. Charles Wicksteed’s vision was to create a beautiful landscape where children could play freely, and people from across the community could come to relax and enjoy the park’s many attractions.

Alpha Rail Limited


The installation of new pedestrian guardrail by metal railings and gates manufacturer Alpha Rail at the busy road junction of the A158 and B1202 in the market town of Wragby in Lincolnshire is set to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians alike. The A158 is a busy route for holidaymakers visiting the East Coast resorts of Mablethorpe, Skegness and Chapel St Leonards and with its ample car parking..........

ESE World

Litter collection solutions that are right up your street

Today’s contemporary street furniture such as post-mounted and free standing litter bins, recycling banks and ‘drive in’ housings, needs to be functional. It also needs to be flexible, user friendly, and stylish.

Smartstreets ltd

Award winning cigarette bin transforms street cleansing across cities and campuses

The Smartstreets-Smartbin™ is a unique litter bin which is enabling Councils, businesses and Universities to respond effectively to the worlds biggest litter problem - cigarette and gum litter, It makes it possible to bring convenient disposal facilities within reach of everyone in high footfall areas by clamping two bins back to back…

Smartstreets ltd

NEW: Smartstreets Cyclepark™

The Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ is helping cities and campuses make shared spaces cyclist friendly by transforming existing sign posts, lamp posts, bollards and fence posts into networks of secure bike parking for two bicycles.


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