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28 October 2021

StoVentec Glass. More than just a pretty façade
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StoVentec Glass. More than just a pretty façade

Distinctive, individual, unique…every architect harbours the same ambitions for their projects. And StoVentec Glass makes almost anything possible.

StoVentec Glass is a rainscreen system offering a huge range of bespoke sizes, shapes, colours and finishes for virtually endless aesthetic options. But the real beauty of the system is its formidable strength, easily passing all the current bomb blast tests with an A2 fire rating – making it an ideal choice for inner city, commercial and public infrastructure projects.

Visual impact

The bespoke panels can be supplied in square, rectangular or trapezoidal shapes, incorporating lighting or control panels, and multiple panels can be bonded together to create stripes or patterns. They’re available in virtually any colour, including single, multi-colour and metallics, with a gloss, reflective or non-reflective finish. They can even be digitally printed, opening up even more creative possibilities.

Life-saving looks

StoVentec Glass is the only UK glass rainscreen system with a BBA certificate for all standard applications, and it holds the highest impact test rating of any such system in the UK and Europe. It’s been rigorously tested under extreme conditions and meets NHBC standards and Building Regulations, including fire spread, with a minimum certified 30-year life expectancy. It’s also passed stringent bomb blast tests with outstanding results, making it the safest and most robust rainscreen cladding system available – and ideal for use in high profile public spaces such as airports, arenas and train stations.

The perfect combination?

StoVentec Glass is a unique cladding system from a global leader in building products, with full technical support available from initial vision to final handover. But perhaps its greatest appeal to architects is in enabling them to build in absolute safety, without having to compromise on their creative design. Which may well make StoVentec Glass a near-perfect solution.

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