08 September 2022

Enhance the tenant experience with Intratone’s wireless intercom systems

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Enhance the tenant experience with Intratone’s wireless intercom systems

The government’s Levelling Up programme is accelerating, and landlords are under pressure to improve housing quality for all residents, regardless of their postcode. Improving building usability, for example with innovative access control systems, is a great place to start. Intratone’s wireless intercom devices, for example, have been specially developed with tenants in mind, helping make door entry more user-friendly for everyone.

Powered by GSM cellular technology, all Intratone’s door entry systems are completely wire-free, so there’s no need for bulky plastic handsets in individual flats. The benefit for residents? They can quickly and easily grant access to visitors from anywhere via their landline or preferred digital device – ideal for those who are less mobile.

Plus, with brand-new models like Intratone’s wireless SC-03 intercom, housing managers can add shortcodes for visitors, like health professionals, to make day-to-day access even simpler. And with a full-colour screen that displays logos and animations, the SC-03 intercom is an engaging addition – taking the tenant experience above and beyond!

Choosing an Intratone intercom also means that residents can access a variety of innovative, integrated communication aids, enhancing a building’s usability for both residents and their visitors. Features like audio induction loops, direct dial functionality and braille, backlit keypads ensure residences remain accessible for the visually and hearing impaired.

What’s more, Intratone’s access control devices all connect to an online, remote management system, where real-time building information is available on a handy, centralised digital platform. Admin tasks like updating key fobs and editing tenant information can be completed easily on it too, in just a few clicks. This frees up housing managers’ time to focus on other tenant experience initiatives and continue bringing value to their communities.

With the spotlight on housing standards, boosting the tenant experience is set to be a priority for the foreseeable future. For housing professionals, the latest wireless devices can simplify door entry and, ultimately, improve housing quality for all residents.

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