Benefit of an Acoustic Movable Wall
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Benefit of an Acoustic Movable Wall

The multi-use concept

Imagine being able to negotiate your space to work to your advantage, having the ability to single-handedly transform a large area into multiple smaller spaces with minimal effort within a few moments. Now imagine the possibility of maximising your revenue through the use of acoustic movable walls, during the day hosting multiple meeting functions simultaneously and, come evening time, the partitions are effortlessly stacked away and transformed into a large function room.

Our Prestige acoustic movable walls, also known as operable walls, are UK manufactured to the highest specification and can meet the highest safety requirements. The Prestige is one of the few partitions in Europe that can withstand flames for longer than 60 minutes.

Acoustic movable walls offer many fantastic benefits, whether it’s dividing a school hall into two different multi-purpose areas for simultaneous physical activities, or splitting a large conference facility in smaller seminar rooms by sub-dividing these spaces with acoustic movable walls.

With movable walls you can control how your space is utilised

  1. Space management ~ Movable walls offer an effective space solution for many environments including offices, educational establishments, sporting facilities, dining and entertainment facilities, religious centres, or retail areas
  2. Smart use of space – Movable walls offer a flexible solution for making the most of an interior space. Room sizes can be changed in a matter of moments to capitalise on the revenue potential of commercial space or simply create the most efficient use of floor space
  3. Acoustics ~ the movable wall is the highest specification range of fully operable, individual-panel systems. Acoustic insulation of up to 58dB noise reduction is achieved with a combination of acoustic infill’s and operable top and bottom seals.
  4. Operation ~ space without a trace ~ when the operable seals are retracted the panels will glide effortlessly and quietly along the unique aluminium overhead track system (no need for floor guide). Final closure of each panel is by a removable operating handle that extends the seal from the top and bottom of each panel forming an acoustic seal.
  5. Adaptable configurationsThe track and carrier system provides ease of operation and directional flexibility, allowing panel stacking in countless configurations.
  6. Panel options ~ Individual panels can be constructed with either manual or semi automatic retractable top and bottom seal. Panels are also available curved or with inset pass doors and glazed cut outs
  7. Finishes ~ our systems can be supplied in an almost endless choice, popular finishes include MFC, veneers and laminates but we can also offer dry wipe, wall coverings and fabrics.

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